Interview with Sheila Lamb – My Fertility Specialist Magazine

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Join me on Natural Health Radio this month as I talk to Sheila Lamb who set up the online resource My Fertility Specialist Magazine.MFSLogo-website When Sheila was going through her own fertility journey there was little  or no real information available so she took the brave decision to do it herself. Her experience as a registered nurse and mid-wife enables her to put her medical background to great use to help others navigate through their fertility journey and all the medical jargon that  comes up.

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To Fertility and Beyond

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Family Relationships – An always on connection

Guest post by fellow overthinker Matt Halfin For many years my mum has told me that when I was 13 I ‘turned’ from a  loving, model son into a rebellious, uncommunicative teen- and never turned back…

Source: Family Relationships – An always on connection

What do numbers and fertility have in common ?

SB HeadThis month on the To Fertility & Beyond show I will be interviewing Grainne Tyndalinternational numerologist Grainne Tyndall about what your date of birth and what your numbers mean.

Tune in Thursday 30th April at 2pm GMT to hear me talk to Grainne about your numbers and how it can help you to understand your fertility.

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It’s not too late, Fertility Focus Telesummit has started

The Fertility Focus Telesummit started yesterday SUNDAY 8th March and its not too late to sign up!Telesummit

There’s a lot of information online about fertility nowadays, and it can feel overwhelming. But nothing is quite like this very special online event, taking place over a week and bringing high quality advice from top fertility experts directly to your computer!

You are invited to attend the Fertility Focus Telesummit ~ The Power of Your Fertile Mindset, and you can join this online event for FREE!

Focusing on the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of fertility, this Telesummit is featuring a line-up of top mind-body fertility experts speaking on topics such as ‘How to reduce stress and stay sane when facing fertility issues’ with Anya Sizer, and ‘How Your Emotions Can Transform Your Fertility Health – Discover how Chinese medicine views the mind body connection, and why this is so important to getting pregnant’ with Andrew Loosely.

Since 2010 the Fertility Focus Telesummit has been supporting women and couples all over the world, and I’d love you to benefit from this amazing event too!

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I hope you take this positive step for your fertility and join the Fertility Focus Telesummit. It’s going to be a week of wonderful fertility support and transformation!

Sign up here:  and do pass this on to any friends who are trying to conceive too – they’ll thank you!

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My Pre Fertility Focus Telesummit Interview

TelesummitYes my time has come, in the 3rd pre telesummit interview I talk to Sarah Holland on ‘Finding Support on Your Fertility Journey and the Positive Difference It Can Make’.

Has it been difficult finding the right kind of support on your fertility journey? Friends and family mean well, but they don’t always truly understand what you’re going through.

This interview is a pre-event taster of the Fertility Focus Telesummit ~ The Power of Your Fertile Mindset, beginning on Sunday 8th March.

The week-long Telesummit will feature a panel of fertility experts speaking about diverse and ground breaking approaches to support your fertility. Over 20,000 women and couples have been supported by the Fertility Focus Telesummit.

To access all 3 pre-Telesummit interviews with Dr Marilyn Glenville, Gabriela Rosa and Siobhan Boucher (and the Telesummit too) for FREE, this is all you need to do:

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I hope you enjoy the interview and the Fertility Focus Telesummit will be starting on 8th March.

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Its written in the stars

Yes you read it right, its written in the stars.  This month I will be interviewing Nicola Smuts consulting astrologer to talk about how when you were born can influence your fertility.

Tune in this Thursday 26th Feb at 2pm GMT to hear me talk to  Nicola about fertility astrology and how it can help your fertility and chances of conceiving

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To Fertility & Beyond

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#2 Pre Fertility Focus Telesummit Interview

TelesummitWe all know now that our emotional health has a knock on impact to our physical health (including our fertility) but you may not be clear exactly WHY this is.

Taking an holistic approach to your fertility means looking at the mind and the body equally. This then leads to a more positive fertility experience and a greater chance of a successful conception and healthy pregnancy.

I have a FREE interview to share with you from leading natural fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa, where she explains why it’s important to ‘Live Your Best Life Now to Support Yourself and Your Fertility’.

In this interview with Sarah Holland, Gabriela explains exactly what she means by ‘Living Your Best Life Now’, how you can easily step into this, and why it’s so important for your fertility.

Have a listen – I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating!

This free interview is part of a larger online fertility event; The Fertility Focus Telesummit ~ The Power of Your Fertile Mindset.

This week-long Telesummit will feature a panel of fertility experts speaking about diverse and ground breaking approaches to support your fertility. The Fertility Focus Telesummit is now in its 6th year and has already reached over 20,000 people all over the world who are trying for their babies. I’d love this information event to help you too!

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