When the conditions aren’t right, ambivalence really needs listening to


What are we to make of the article leading the Family Section of The Guardian on Saturday this week?  Titled,  “I wasted £30,000 on a baby I didn’t want” it is the story of how single journalist Claudia Connell went through three cycles of IVF, one using her own eggs and the others with both donor egg and sperm.  These unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy took place over a three year period and ended when Claudia was 44.   Throughout these years ambivalence seems to have been the overwhelming feeling.  On the day of the final embryo transfer she had a panic attack and told one of the nurses that she didn’t want to go through with it.  The doctor, however, told her that it was the best embryo he had ever seen and, it seems, in order not to be rude, Claudia allowed the transfer to go ahead.  She became…

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